Tuesday, 1 May 2007


I’ve been feeling a bit subdued today. It seems such a long time ago that I was able to party like a demon, fuelled only by cheap fizz and a bag of crisps. A couple of hours of frantic fumbling on a lumpy futon, then I was up, fresh-faced and ready for a full day’s work.

Last night I sat at a restaurant table all evening, eating a delicious Lebanese meal and drinking wine in a very civilised manner. I was home by midnight, did not indulge in any bedroom gymnastics, and slept soundly in a comfy bed.

So how come my face looks like it needs a good ironing?

I don’t often go out midweek (or at weekends for that matter), and now I know why. It seems that unless I get at least eight hours sleep, I can’t function properly. Maybe my body is still trying to rectify the sleep deficit I incurred when the kids were babies. I know for a fact that my jaw hasn’t recovered properly from that time. I did so much yawning in those days, that I nearly dislocated it, and it still has a tendency to “click out” if I am chewing a particularly combative piece of toffee.

I suppose feeling knackered is a small price to pay for attending the Wine Dinner last night, where all the wines were from Chateau Musar in the Lebanon. They are very interesting wines, and the story of producing them in a war zone is fascinating. There were several reds of varying vintages, all remarkably different in character (I thought the Chateau Musar 2000 was outstanding). There was also a white, which was so unusual that it almost tasted like a red. We started, though, with a rosé which was unlike any rosé I’ve ever tasted. Despite the sugary promise of its pale salmon pink colour, it was bone dry, like a fino sherry. It was a bit like taking a sip of what you think is lemonade, only to find out that it’s tonic water – not unpleasant, just unexpected (although I suppose I would be pretty hacked off if someone replaced my G&T with a lemonade).

You can buy Chateau Musar 1999 at Ocado for £13.99, and Majestic for £14.99, but the 2000 is not being released until the end of May. I am SO ahead of the game! I suppose it’s a bit sad that the only thing of which I can claim to have my “finger on the pulse” is Lebanese wine, but never mind. I suppose I should be grateful that I can still feel a pulse.


mutterings and meanderings said...

Nope, I struggle with drinking on a 'school night' now as well. When I was paid weekly at my first radio station, we used to go out, get ratted, go dancing, and then I'd be in at work at 6am with the first news bulletin at 7am. I was often still rather drunk (especially if I'd been on the Jack Daniels). But the 7am news was always word perfect because I knew if I lost control for a nanosecond, I'd be all over the place!

Stay at home dad said...

So you did leave the genitalia out of it then...

rilly super said...

I've heard that lebanese cuisine is highly regarded drunkummy so you shouldn't feel too out of the cultural loop just yet. I too long for a lay in after a drink or two on a week night but the nanny always seems to manage to slam the door in her way out to school with the children and wake me up. Not so sure I've seen chateau Musar around these parts but I will bear in mind your recomendations if I come across it on a future trips to more civilised climes.

dulwichmum said...

Dear Drunk Mummy,

I empathise completely, I cannot socialise mid-week or at weekends after 7pm. I love to sleep.

The thought of Lebanon and our ex au pair from Lebanon gives me "flashbacks" the like of which you have not seen since the Americans were so traumatised by their experiences in Vietnam.

I simply must share with you my current find! Ogio Pinot Grigio from Tesco - it is approx £3 a bottle in their wine sale, and surprisingly drinkable - with a straw even!


Silvana said...

Green & Blue have got a fab Lebanese Red, 2004 Bekka Valley. Well worth £8. Want Lebanese for my dinner now!

Pig in the Kitchen said...

I'm now also feeling rather hip because I too have drunk Chateau Musar! Some friends bought it a few weeks ago, I even saved the bottle to mention it to you Drunk Mummy, but then got over-zealous with my recycling and couldn't remember the name.
I did not know the price though, what generous friends i have!

Drunk Mummy said...

M&M - its amazing isn't it how lack of sleep and a hangover can focus your concentration.

SAHD - what do you think? I talked incessantly about it, but in a low voice, so that H wouldn't hear. Mind you, I always think my voice is low after a few glasses of wine, but H assures me that it most definitely isn't.

Rilly - you poor darling, it seems that you too are living in a veritable war zone. You and Chateau Musar have a lot in common.

Dulwich Mum - I have just read your first ever blog post, about your Lebanese nanny - its hilarious!
Thanks for the pinot grigio recommmendation - it is on my shopping list.

Hi Silvana!
Green & Blue sounds exactly like my sort of place. You Dulwich folk are so lucky!
Can't you get Rob to rustle you up a bit of Lebanese grub? Not even a pot of hoummus?

PITK - and you also know how to make the hoummus to go with it - I've seen the recipe on your blog!

Stay at home dad said...

Keep up DM, I meant the lack of bedroom gymnastics...

(Unless that's what you meant: if so, I salute your dinner party conversation!)

debio said...

Fashion is such a Fickle Lady. I'm so pleased that Lebanese cuisine is catching on - soooo delish.

I have the opportunity for many Lebanese experiences here but, I must say, the cuisine is by far the best.