Friday, 13 July 2007

Lakeland Larks

I am posting early today, because we are about to set off up the M6 for a weekend away. On Saturday morning, H and I will palm the kids off on my Dad, and then try not to run as we head off to the glorious Lake District, where our friend’s 50th birthday party is going to be held.
The plan is that two very good female friends and I are going to do a fairly substantial hill walk in the morning and early afternoon, leaving the blokes to ….well, I’m not exactly sure what they are going to do, really. Watch videos or sport or something. Maybe swap knitting patterns, who knows?
I have already done an emergency dash to the shops this morning, to replace the walking boots that I threw out over six months ago, when I discovered that they had gone mouldy. I had actually forgotten that I had thrown them out, but apparently H hasn’t. Well, at least he claims to remember my bitter outburst about the symbolism of it all.
Thankfully, walking boots are designed for wide-footed hearty types, rather than pointy-toed pixies, so at least this speed-shopping trip wasn’t as arduous as procuring the turquoise strappy wedges last Saturday. I am now the proud owner of a pair of ultra-lightweight, waterproof state-of-the-art boots. Doubtless they will enable me to leap across mountain crevasses, scramble over scree, and stride purposefully up near-vertical inclines. Well, they looked comfortable enough to stroll through quaint little gift shops looking for Kendal Mint Cake, and that’s what really matters.
After the walk, the three of us intend to return rosy-cheeked and virtuous, ready for a hot bath and the transformation from mountain goats to valley girls.
Now, although I am really excited by the prospect of the walk, the pessimist within fears that after all that fresh air and a scented bath, I may just want to curl up and go to sleep. Walking any distance in new boots means that my feet will be like two bags of chips, and I will have to unplait my toes in order to force them into my strappy wedges.
There will be only one thing for it: pre-dinner drinks to lift my spirits and numb the pain.
I was thinking about pre-dinner drinks last night as I opened up my Friday Night Cheap Fizz (one night early). A glass of champagne in a posh restaurant is probably going to cost about £6. For the same money, I could have a bottle of Cuvée Royale Crémant de Limoux (Ocado £5.59 down from £6.99 until 31/7). I wanted to try the Blanquette de Limoux as suggested by MYA, who calls it ‘a fête in a bottle’ but this was as near as I could get. It has a rich biscuit and apple taste, and is quite dry, making it seem a lot more expensive than it actually is.
I have just checked on the weather forecast for The Lakes, and with comforting familiarity, it promises to be lousy. Therefore, I have packed my waterproofs - and I’m not afraid to use them.


Anonymous said...

Saw your piece in Dulwich Life DM, and loved it! More please!

DJ Kirkby said...

I want to read your peice in Dulwich life, how do I get ahold of it? Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

DevonLife said...

Dulwich Life? Get thee onto Lakeland Life at once. Very jealous, remember to take a glow stick to wave to passing hikers on the next hill in case you fall over and sprain your ankle.

That's Girls Brigade training that is.

Motheratlarge said...

Congratulations on the piece in Dulwich Life other commenters mention. This weekend sounds like my idea of heaven. Have a wonderful time and please let us all know how it goes when you get back to a computer.

The Good Woman said...

Now that right there is why I can't make it on this island - I've cancelled my hike due to the inclement weather predicted... But I rather fancy a glass of bubbly.

mutterings and meanderings said...

Sod the hiking! Get stuck into the ba=ubble bath and booze!

I too am keen to see your Dulwich Life piece. Congrats!

beta mum said...

Have fun. I really enjoyed my weekend away walking with two good friends. Each day seemed to last an eternity without the children to attend to.

dulwichmum said...

I shall be out at the shops in the morning looking for your super article in Dulwich Life. Have a lovely weekend.


Omega Mum said...

I sense shoe issues beginning to creep back in. Is there any way you could combine the two interests in your blog? Sandals en primeur etc? Have fun.

Mopsa said...

seven league blog!

Mya said...

Glad you enjoyed the bubbly stuff. Hope your feet are bearing up after such an active weekend. Nothing clears a hangover like a good hike. Val der ree, val der knapsack on my back etc...

Rebecca said...

skip the walk - or cut it very short - and just get stuck into the bubbly!

Other people excercising just makes me feel guilty. Sloth likes company, you know.

Jill said...

Definitely think they should swap those knitting patterns... :-)

Kate M said...

My parents are huge fans of the Blanquette de Limoux. I know this cos every time I visit them en france, nestled beneath the foothills of the pyranees, at 6pm sharp, my step dad fills champagne flutes with an inch of orange coloured liqueur and tops the lot off with the Blanquette. I don't need much more than a blanket after that I tell you

rilly super said...

drunkmummy, don't forget that re-enacting scenes from 'A Time to dance' is banned in the lakes from may to september lest you put other ramblers off their sandwiches

debio said...

Sorry, late comment, drunk mummy, but do so hope you had a good weekend.

I feel exhausted at the thought of your hill walking etc.

Who was it who said 'Beware of all ventures which require new clothes'?

Stay at home dad said...

Dulwich Life? Whatever next? The Daily Dulwich? Dulwich Lite?

Rainy hiking really not my thing, but will raise a glass to you poolside under blue skies...

Mopsa said...

And because we love your blog, you have been awarded a Schmoozer - go and check it out and plan your next move at:

Drunk Mummy said...

spymum - Gawd bless ya! As Guest Blogger, I was merely delighted to be following in such illustrious footsteps!

dj kirkby - I will probably post the article (about School Sports Day) on my blog at the end of the month.
The Dulwich Life magazine is available online at (I'm on Page 19).

devonlife - glow sticks sound more party animal than Girl's Brigade - unless the latter are now into rave culture?

mother at large - thank you! The weekend was fantastic, but over too quickly.

the good woman - sadly, if you always cancelled for bad weather in this country, you would never get to do anything. However I think your priorities are definitely in the right order if you went for the glass of bubbly instead!

M&M - thanks! I actually managed to do the hiking, the bubble bath, and guzzle huge amounts of champagne too - what a weekend!

beta mum - that is so true! Isn't it amazing how the day opens up with possibilities when you aren't shovelling food in one end and wiping it out of the other?

Dulwich Mum - I am truly flattered that my article can compete for your attention with the offerings of the Dulwich boutiques! (It isn't nearly as good as a new pair of white jeans.)

omega mum - Ha! You are right! I have got to get over this recent shoe fetish!

mopsa - or: 'These boots were made for walking.'

mya - yes, thanks for the recommendation. Love the singing!

rebecca - don't worry, I have not shaken off my slothful habits - you are in very good company!

jill - apparently they went for lunch, then all fell asleep - such alpha specimens!

kate m - I like the sound of your step-dad! It sounds like you could have discovered a new cocktail - The Virginity Blanket!

rilly - there were times in my youth when sleeping with the bank manager might have been considered an answer to my financial predicament. Nowadays I would be considered to be a cradle-snatcher.

debio - great quote - it could be my Dad - he is still wearing the same clothes he had twenty years ago.

SAHD - I don't live in Dulwich, you know!
A pool and blue skies? I am so envious! Happy nose-picking!

mopsa - oh wow! Thank you so much! I an truly flattered!
Schmoozery is one of my strengths!(along with liggery)