Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Guten Tag

I have only just realised that Nunhead Mum Of One tagged me while I was away camping. I was doing some catching-up on all the blog news last night, so I’m a bit late. I don’t know if there’s supposed to be a ‘blog by: date’ on these tags, but here we go:

  1. I once ate 36 oysters in one sitting at an ‘oyster appreciation’ event. I don’t think the organisers realised quite how much I appreciate these little bivalves. I washed them down with copious quantities of Chablis (goes really well), champagne (goes less well, but what’s not to like about champagne?) and Black Velvet (Guinness and champagne, which doesn’t go very well at all, but by then I was just showing off).
  2. My name is not really Rusty Burke, despite the article 'Ten Reasons Why I Could Never Be an Eco-Mother' which I wrote for the Bad Mothers Club website. (Nothing like a bit of self-publicity, eh?)
  3. I was once sunbathing topless with a friend on the beach at the Cannes Film Festival (she yawned) when we were surrounded by about 200 men with cameras, all clicking away furiously (some of them even had film in them). My friend grabbed her bikini top to protect her modesty, but I just grabbed my sunglasses to protect my anonymity. Needless to say, this was all in the pre-children years. It still remains my one and only paparazzi moment.
  4. My favourite book is a collection of short stories by Helen Simpson called ‘Hey, yeah right, get a life.’ I think it should be handed out to all new mothers, instead of the usual tracts of finger-wagging ‘information.’
  5. I used to row for Great Britain Under 23s. That’s ‘row’ as in boats – not ‘row’ as in argue, although I daresay H might suggest I was equally well qualified for the latter. Obviously, it’s a long time since I was ‘Under 23.’
  6. When I was in labour with my son, I was on all fours when his head emerged out of my nether regions. He stayed like this for about 30 seconds, and even opened his eyes and started to cry, before the rest of his body was born. H admitted that it was one of the more bizarre sights he had seen in his life. I imagine it must have looked like Dr Doolittle’s Push-me-pull-you.
  7. I was Head Girl of my Catholic convent school – and yes, they are always the worst. The experience left me with a strong commitment to atheism and a bizarrely feminist love of wine (from enviously watching the priest guzzle all the communion vino, while we girls had to make do with a 'host' wafer which had the consistency of school toilet paper).
  8. I used to be the Women’s Sport editor on a student newspaper, which had Jeremy Vine as its editor. I sometimes think I should call one of his phone-ins and say ‘Hi Jeremy, remember me-eee?’ but I doubt I could take the public humiliation of his reply.

It seems that lots of my blog buddies have already been tagged, so I’m going to nominate a few bloggers whom I have met only recently. Apologies for this if you have already been tagged before, and if you don’t want to join in then, speaking as a lifelong breaker of chain letters, that’s fine by me.

So, over to you:

Vanessar- The Fidra Blog


Elsie Button

Cybil, aka Wife, Mom, Drunk

Natural Blonde

I have been sipping a few glasses of Ernest and Julio Gallo White Zinfandel (Ocado £4.99) this evening whilst drawing up my list. Despite the name, it is a rosé, or ‘blush’ as it is known in the States. It is fruity and extremely sweet – probably too sweet for me if it wasn’t really chilled (that doesn’t mean I won’t drink it). I notice that it’s only 9.5% which would make it a good wine for a picnic, or for when you don’t want to fall asleep and start snoring after a couple of glasses (at breakfast, maybe?).


mutterings and meanderings said...

Fab facts! I've never 'known' someone who has been papped before. I'm well impressed!

Pig in the Kitchen said...

I agree with M&M, good dirt. But, rowing and head girl and sports editor...you are an impressive woman!
I have tagged you this very day, but i now declare it null and void!

dulwichmum said...

Dear Drunk Mummy,

You are indeed impressive! I was myself "papped" once. I was sitting next to one of the members of "Squeeze" and someone took a photo. It turned up in the supplement of The News of the World!!! I was much younger then - the singer was trying to talk to me, and I was yawning. The caption said **** thinks he is "cool for cats", but the lady thinks he is "up the junction"!

My proudest moment! Sad I know.

debio said...

So pleased to read that your anonymity is more important than covering your embarrassment!

Great list, drunk mummy.

beta mum said...

I guessed you weren't Rusty Burke - as there is a chap of that name who writes books about Robert E Howard - whoever that may be.
Are you a fan of his perchance?

rilly super said...

a yes, rowing. Although I avoid boats due to my seasickness the concept of furiously expending huge amounts of energy only to travel backwards is familiar to me, drunkmummy

Who did the photographers mistake you for darling? I can just imagine Briggite Bardot a little way down the beach trying to promote 'and god created women' but wondering whether her agent actually sent out the invitations

Omega Mum said...

I'm impressed by the sunglasses, too. In my case, I'd have reached for a sack. Or one of the photographers. Which ever was quicker. Good facts, DM

Akelamalu said...

Aw I already did this a short while ago! I loved reading about you though, the birth of your son absolutely cracked me up - I bet it cracked you up too!!

Drunk Mummy said...

M&M - there wasn't anything very impressive about it at all - just a lot of sweaty old men with outsize Nikons!

PITK - that is very kind - it all sounds good 'on paper' but the reality never feels quite like that.

Dulwich Mum - now that really is a great story! I would consider an appearance in the News Of the World as evidence that I had finally Arrived. I love Squeeze as well!

debio - I now reach for my sunglasses to cover up the evidence of a hideous hangover (even in January).

beta mum - no, the name came about from that daft game where you are supposed to make up a name for yourself if you were a porn star. You take the name of your first pet (we had a dog called Rusty) and your mother's maiden name, and voila! Try it and see! (Let me know what your porn star name would be!).

Rilly - you poor dear! The photographers didn't mistake me for anyone - they were just a bunch of Eurotrash press pervs, trying to get lots of topless shots for the Cannes coverage. I swear some of them still had the lens caps on!

omega mum - I reckoned that the sunglasses offered better protection.

akelamalu - I am so sorry - I will get back to your site and do a proper search. Please ignore the tag!

Natural Blonde said...

Thanks, Drunk Mummy, for the tag.

I love the porn star name thing, it always works well doesn't it? Mine would be Tiggy Morris - sounds very 70's kaftan wearing to me!

Akelamalu said...

That's Ok no apology needed. :)

Drunk Mummy said...

natural blonde - Tiggy Morris is a great porn star name!
Btw I have been trying to post a comment on your site, but can't seem to get through.

Cybil Libyc said...

Hey Drunk, thanks for the tag. I am a chain braker by nature but how can one resist the request to talk about themselves . . . even more!! I will repond in like.