Sunday, 25 March 2007

Lush Off The Leash

Last night we went to a wine dinner in a smart restaurant, where the food had been chosen to complement the Bordeaux wines (or was it supposed to be the other way round?). There is something rather liberating about this format, where someone else has chosen what you eat and drink (can’t see why my kids complain about it so much). All that is required of you is that you sit and savour whatever is served up/poured out for you. Six different wines (one excellent sauvignon blanc, four fine and varied reds and a sauternes that tasted like Haliborange tablets) ensured Drunk Mummy Heaven. There was a short presentation about the grapes, wine producers and vineyards which added a touch of respectability to the proceedings. For the most part, it was just an excuse to drink lots of delicious wines, out of delicate sparkly glasses with no greasy lip smears or dishwasher stains on them.
When we got home, our fresh faced young babysitter was still toiling away at her homework. When she sees me rolling in, grinning inanely, she probably thinks ‘Stay-at-home motherhood for me?’ then shudders and reaches for her textbooks.

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