Friday, 30 March 2007

Hurrah for the Hols!

Last day of Spring term today. The boys are doing a cricket training course this Easter, so they will be able to emulate their England cricket heroes (presumably pedallos will be provided). The range of activities on offer to children over the holiday is jaw-dropping: horse riding, sailing, circus skills, lion taming for the under-fives....the list is endless. When I was a child my brothers and I had to make do in the holidays with watching black and white television re-runs of ‘Robinson Crusoe’ and ‘Belle and Sebastian’. When the two hours of children’s TV finished, (I know its hard to imagine) we would amuse ourselves with marathon sessions of Monopoly and Cluedo. Were we bored? Well yes, hideously so, but when we moaned about it, no one paid any attention. My mother was as unlikely to ferry us around to ‘holiday activities’ as she was to pay someone to clean her house for her.
I was wondering if I could con my kids into an alternative range of Easter courses. How about:
Junior Horticulture (weeding the garden)
Life Laundry for Littlies (tidying their bedrooms)
Kitchen Skills for Young Chefs (making lunch)
Advanced Kitchen Skills for Young Chefs (making dinner).
I think I could be on to something here........Time to crack open the prosecco!

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